Oshawa Minor Lacrosse – Annual General Meeting

OMLA_Constitution_Approved Oct 2017

OMLA 2018 AGM Ammendment -MA



Oshawa Minor Lacrosse – Annual General Meeting

Thursday Oct 4th, 2018 / Civic Meeting Room 4

Registration to take place from 7 to 7:15pm. You MUST be registered to vote.

Positions up for election (Brief description included)

VP of House League – (2 years) Responsible for all aspects of House League; appointment of convenors; participate in Executive, Budget, Release & Disciplinary committees, etc.
VP of Rep League – (2 years) Responsible for all aspects of the Rep Program; ensure documentation is submitted within OLA Deadlines; chairs Rep Coaches Selection Committee; participate in Executive, Budget, Release, Disciplinary & Tournament committees, etc.
Treasurer – (2 years) Responsible for the financial account of the OMLA; prepare year end financials; chair Budget committee; be a signing officer, etc.
Registrar – (1 year) Responsible for OMLA annual registration & submitting registrations of OMLA with the OLA; Act as associations Privacy Officer; Responsible for registering all members as needed for insurance, etc.
Secretary – (2 years) receive & disperse correspondence; participate & record minutes of all Executive, Disciplinary, Board, Annual General & Special Meetings of the OMLA; schedule & advise members of meeting dates & locations; prepare and distribute agendas in advance of OMLA meetings; maintain documents & records of OMLA, etc.
Referee in Chief – (2 years) Chairs the Disciplinary Committee; Ensure all home games have Referees; responsible for officials and instruction & education, etc.
Director of Coaching – (1 year) Develop & maintain OMLA Coaches Manual; Develop & deliver OMLA Coaches Clinics; participate in Coaches Selection, Disputes & Appeals Committees, etc.
Director of Facilities – (1 year) Co-ordinate all floor time requirements for OMLA (indoor & outdoor); work with VPs of Rep & Box to establish the floor time needed for each team / division & establish team schedules, etc.
Director of Promotion / Sponsorship & Fundraising – (1 year) Responsible for all aspects of sponsorship for Rep, HL & Tournament; assist Treasurer with developing the Fundraising & Advertising Budget; book advertisments; develop graphic designs for advertising; manage Swag Store, etc.
Director of House League – (1 year) Responsible for operation of Paperweight, Tyke & Novice HL divisions; assist VP of HL with duties as requested, etc.
Director of Field – (1 year) Responsible for Rep teams participating in Field Lacrosse Programs; Participate in Coaches Selection Committee; Ensure documentation is completed & distributed to correct parties by OLA deadlines; etc.
Director of Rep – (1 year) Participate in Coaches Selection Committee; Assist VP of Rep with duties as requested.
Director of Equipment – (1 year) Responsible for equipment purchases, assignments, storage distribution & pickup; obtain quotes & prepare orders as required by OMLA; responsible for cleaning & safe keeping of Jerseys & equipment; responsible for trophy/banner purchase, care & control; Assist Treasurer with development of equipment budget, etc.
Director of Governance – (1 year) Evaluate, review & recommend policy to the board; present Constitution & By-Law amendments to Board & at AGM; etc.
Director @ Large x2 – (1 year) Assist OMLA Board in projects; assist with in-person registrations & parade floats; assist with soliciting volunteers for various roles, etc.